Email Marketing is Still an Effective Way to Engage With Your Audience.

Email marketing may be rumored to be an old school form of marketing, especially by those touting inbound marketing these days, but with the right strategy and best practices, email can still be a powerful tool. To achieve success through email, it’s helpful to keep in mind past practices, how it is used in today’s market, and what will be the next emailing trend.

Email Marketing Past

Email marketing has evolved over many years and has garnered a bad rep. In many cases this is true. Because emails are such an inexpensive way to sell and promote almost anything, it has been used and abused over and over. However, this invasive form of marketing has proven to be ineffective, and the reason why is because the audience has also evolved and grown wiser and smarter. Gone are the days of sending out generic emails to a purchased list and expecting results. Consumers expect more these days and that’s why it is important to remember past emailing practices and learn not to repeat them.

Email Marketing Present

Today’s consumer is tech savvy, discriminating, and can spot SPAM a mile away. It is crucial to change the way you interact with your audience. They are the ones who are in control. They manage what content reaches them, when, and how. So how do you engage? Simple. Build trust, be respectful, and above all else, provide relevant information.

Mobile optimization of your email marketing is essential.
Mobile optimization of your email marketing is essential. Recent research shows that almost 50% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets, a 500% increase in the last four years.

Depending on the industry, a good email marketing campaign can expect to receive a 15-25% open rate and a click through rate of 3-5%. It is estimated that the ROI for email marketing averages $44 for every $1 spent. The goal is to continue to increase those numbers, but at the same time be mindful of email fatigue. You don’t want to inundate your audience with too much information. Be selective when emailing. It is recommended to conduct A/B testing as well as set up triggered drip campaigns that help monitor what your customer’s responses. By giving your audience something of value you begin to build a relationship that will hopefully keep them coming back and in turn increase your conversion rate.

Email Marketing Future

A good marketer will always be looking ahead to create a more personalized experience for their audience. You have to know what they want before they do. The way you get that information in front of them is always the challenge. Recent research shows that almost 50% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets, a 500% increase in the last four years. Mobile optimization of your email marketing is essential. Not only does your subject heading and first line of messaging need to be focused, but using responsive design is just as important and can increase mobile click-through rates up to 16 percent.

Remember that every audience is unique and finding that right balance of communication takes time. Email marketing should be just one piece of your mobile strategy. Starting off with a mobile friendly email can develop into cross-channel growth of your other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Used in conjunction with each other, you will be able to engage on a deeper level with your audience.

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