Oh Wow Marketing Solutions is a Los Angeles SEO company that knows how to structure your website and to potentially realize a better outcome for higher page placement on Internet search results.

We are a SEO company that knows the importance of site structure and its impact on search results.

Search engine optimization is one of the smartest investments that businesses with a web presence can make.

As a SEO company, we have seen search engine optimization evolve from solely a keyword placement process to a much broader scope of factors that affect Internet search results.  In addition to strategic keyword placement, each page on a site must be designed for:

  • Optimal text-to-page coding ratio
  • Functionality and display on all mobile devices
  • Optimal keyword density
  • Targeted keyword(s) that clearly correspond with the page content
  • Optimized meta descriptions
  • Content coherence so that page content logically flows with page descriptions
  • Page title and headline hierarchy that present content in a logical sequence
  • Optimal use of external and internal links
  • Use of microdata for clarification of site content for search bots
  • Security measures are in place to protect the user
  • Image and page compression to enhance page loading speeds
  • Strategic use of alternative text on images to clarify picture content for search bots and enhance keyword strategies
  • Page weight to facilitate smoother page loading performance
  • Server performance to maximize user experience
  • SEO friendly contact and registration forms
  • Inclusion of site maps and privacy policy
  • Integration with primary social media channels
  • Optimized posts of content on social media
  • Fresh content such as blog posts or news releases are added on a regular basis

Oh Wow Marketing has helped clients achieve top-tier placement on Internet searches.  Our, thorough, SEO best-practice methods will help your company achieve primary page placement in search results.  Our comprehensive site management includes the management of all facets affecting SEO performance.


Oh Wow Marketing is a SEO company

Online marketing includes optimizing your site for Internet searches

Does your site have https security for site users?  The installation of a SSL certificate is not only a good idea, but it’s now a key factor in keeping your site at the forefront of Internet search results.  Search engines are now favoring sites that have SSL certificates installed for encryption of all user data.  If your site does not have SSL installed, give us a call.  We can help.