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  • A well-executed social media strategy is an essential part of a small company’s business plan. It can also be a very cost effective way of driving the right kind of traffic to your web site. The proper use of social media, however, can greatly vary from business to business. A company’s products, services and the target audience are key factors in determining which social media platforms will be the most effective for your business.

An Effective Social Media Strategy Drives Qualified Traffic to Your Site.

Social media has incredible potential to be a powerful and cost efficient channel to deliver compelling messaging to prospective clients. It can be an effective way to drive traffic to your company’s website. Depending on your company’s product or service, however, just focusing on traffic volume is not enough. Oh Wow will deliver a well-defined social media strategy that will identify the specific social media platforms that are in line your company’s target audience. We will develop optimized messages designed and enhance your company’s search engine optimization results.

Social Media is an Opportunity to Build your Brand Awareness and Authority.

Through social media, small businesses have the opportunity to build brand awareness through quality content, conversations, and involvement on a personal level at minimal cost. Sharing relevant and valuable information with your audience can help your business become a trusted authority in your industry. This in turn can lead to increased traffic, inbound links, and SEO rankings.

Social Media is About Engagement, Interaction and Optimization.

Social media can be an effective tool in your company’s marketing and communication efforts. Social media allows for customer interaction to a large audience or a one on one interaction. This is effective, however, only if your company social media accounts are being managed properly.

Oh Wow Marketing Solutions will Design and Manage Your Social Media Platforms.

Oh Wow will develop a social media strategy tailored to your business. Our social media solutions include design, management of your account and timely reporting. Your pages will professionally brand your business. We will effectively manage your social media accounts with state-of-the-art software. We will generate timely reports to inform you of the impact your social media strategy has on your web traffic and potential leads.

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